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Veterinary Tests

Helping veterinarians provide better diagnosis and treatment
Offering a series of reassuring veterinary tests

Test Item Catalog No. Specimen Used Test Format Kit Size
Canine Distemper Virus Ag  CDV-S23 Secretion( ocular& nasal secretions & saliva ) Device 1 test/kit            10 tests/kit         25 tests/kit
Canine Parvovirus Ag  CPV-F23 Feces
Canine Adenovirus (II) Ag  CAVⅡ-S23 Secretion( ocular& nasal secretions & saliva )
Canine CoronaVirus Ag  CCV-F23 Feces
Canine Influenza Virus Ag  CIV-S23 Nasal secretions
Rabies Virus Ag  RV-S23 Saliva 
Feline Parvovirus Ag  FPV-F23 Feces
Feline CoronaVirus Ag  FCoV-F23 Feces
Feline Herpes Virus Ag  FHV-F23 Feces
Feline Calicivirus Ag FCV-S23 Secretion( ocular& nasal secretions & saliva )
Feline Astrovirus Ag fASV-F23 Feces
Feline and Canine H. pylori Ag fHP-F23 Feces
Feline/Canine Rotavirus Ag cROTA-F23 Feces
Toxoplasma Ag TOXO-F23 Feces
Giardia Ag(GIA) GIA-F23 Feces
Brucella Ab BRU-W23 W/S/P


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