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Assure Tech Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation Title opening and plaque unveiling ceremony


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On August 30, in human resources and social security hall of zhejiang province, hangzhou people club bureau, the area under the support of people club bureau, Assure Tech at the opening postdoctoral workstation and the ceremony at the provincial level, this is the company's personnel training, scientific research and development of a major move.

Human resources and social security hall of zhejiang province level researcher yu chak, hangzhou people's army jing, area people club bureau high HangBin, zhejiang province center for disease control and prevention researcher at the institute of microbiology yan-jun zhang, the first hospital affiliated to zhejiang university school of medicine researchers ying-jie wang, basic medical college of zhejiang university school of medicine, professor Pan Dongli Wang Xiangxi, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of biophysics, Prof. Jiang Pingping, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University, Wang Zhiqiang, General Manager of Hangzhou Hanguang Chuangke Biological Technology Co., LTD., Ling Shisheng, Chairman and General Manager of Assure Tech, Jiang Xueying, Vice Chairman and Vice General Manager, and Wu Yahong, Chief Financial Officer and secretary of the Board of Directors attended the ceremony.

Ceremony, the company chairman and general manager Ling ShiSheng to extend a warm welcome the arrival of the leaders and experts, to save people club department city people club bureau area people club bureau leadership has been thanked the sincere concern, care, and to introduce the leaders and experts to the company's development, the business system, scientific research strength, such as basic conditions, and said, since the company since its establishment, Always focus on the forefront of the industry and market focus, always pay attention to product development and innovation and the introduction of high-end technical talents. Yu Zhai, a first-class researcher of the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, congratulated the company on the achievement of the provincial postdoctoral research station. He hoped that the company could make good use of the platform, let the talents "cultivate and use in the use of training", and actively create value for the enterprise and benefit the society.

Hangzhou han guang, a biological technology co., LTD. General manager wang zhiqiang speeches, the establishment of the postdoctoral workstation, make full use of zhejiang university of science and technology, talents, discipline advantage and accumulation of hangzhou area system, scientific research institutes of ecological industrial chain and resources advantage, to build a bridge of cooperation between enterprises and universities, on the one hand to attract high-end talents of science and technology, On the other hand, it can truly achieve the integration of production, education, research and application, bring convenience to the development of the company and make contributions to the regional economy.

Subsequently, Ling Shisheng, chairman and general manager of the company, and Yu Zhai, a first-level researcher of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department jointly unveiled the postdoctoral workstation.

Mr. Ling Shisheng, Chairman and general manager of the company, awarded Mr. Wang Yingjie and Mr. Pan Dongli the letter of appointment of co-supervisor of the postdoctoral workstation of Assure Tech.

The conference held the first post-doctoral opening report. Dr. Tan Songsong made the opening report of "The Transformation Research of Antibody Drugs and the Construction of Biopharmaceutical Platform". The expert group made in-depth and detailed comments and questions on the contents of the report, and put forward suggestions for improvement from a professional point of view. After the comprehensive evaluation of the expert group, unanimously agreed to its opening.

Assure Tech attaches great importance to the cultivation of postdoctoral talents and the construction of postdoctoral workstation. Ling Shisheng, chairman and general manager of the company, serves as the postdoctoral co-supervisor and guides the construction of postdoctoral workstation. The opening and unveiling ceremony of the postdoctoral workstation was held smoothly, marking the introduction of high-end talents and scientific research innovation ability of the company to a new stage of development. The company will spare no effort to continuously promote the construction of postdoctoral workstation, through the close combination of theory and practice, stimulate the innovation enthusiasm of researchers, carry out cutting-edge technology research, promote the development of the industry, and make new contributions to "human health". Assure Tech sincerely invites outstanding doctoral students at home and abroad to engage in postdoctoral research in our company.

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