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Assure Tech was awarded the title of caring Enterprise by the Red Cross society of Shangcheng District


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On May 26,the first member representative Conference of Hangzhou Shangcheng District Red Cross Society was successfully held. Zhou Shu, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice President of Hangzhou Red Cross Society, Zhang Yan, Secretary of Shangcheng District Party Committee, Hui Haitao, Deputy Secretary of Shangcheng District Party Committee, and others attended the meeting. Assure Tech (stock code: 688075) was awarded the title of "Love Enterprise of Shangcheng District Red Cross Society".


Fighting the epidemic is a war that knows no borders or regions. Whether in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019 or in the current routine epidemic prevention efforts, the race against the virus could not have been faster without the hard efforts of all sectors of the country. As a "caring enterprise" to fight against the epidemic, All the employees of Assure Tech brave the difficulties and move forward bravely. With practical actions, Assure Tech fully demonstrates the great love and responsibility of an IVD enterprise at the critical moment.


Assure Tech donated 100,000 yuan to sichuan Pair support area

The heavy commendation is not only the meritorious service and glory, but also the responsibility and responsibility. As the first echelon enterprise in the field of POCT reagents in China, Assure Tech will continue to practice its corporate mission. All the employees of Assure Tech will cherish the honor, strive for progress, spare no effort to serve the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

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