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Industry dynamics

Fight steadily, forge ahead | Jiang Xueying, vice chairman and deputy general manager of Assure Tech, was invited to participate in the Shangcheng District Urban Economic High-quality Development Conference


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On May 13, 2022, Jiang Xueying, vice chairman and deputy general manager of Assure Tech (stock code: 688075), was invited to participate the Shangcheng District Urban Economic High-quality Development Conference(the promotion of the "Six Ones" action for helping and benefiting enterprises) In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the economic work conference of the central and provincial party committees, and fully execute the work deployment of the first plenary session of the district party committee, adhere to the work tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, based on the new development stage, apply the new development concept, and build a new development pattern, Shangcheng District carried out this conference with the theme of "gathering confidence, forging ahead together, and moving toward the future". Jiang Xueying, Vice Chairman and Deputy General Manager of Assure Tech, delivered a speech at the meeting.

Assure Tech was invited to participate in this conference, which is not only a recognition of the strength of Assure Tech, but also an affirmation of the achievements of Assure Tech. Jiang Xueying, vice chairman and deputy general manager, said that, Assure Tech is currently the first echelon enterprise in the field of domestic POCT reagents, hoping that Assure Tech can quickly seize the international blue ocean market through technological innovation, product upgrading, management innovation, and expansion of China's immune diagnostic industry, and gradually narrow the gap between Chinese technology and foreign technology.

She also said that, in recent years, the new products developed by Assure Tech have become an important force in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The products of Assure Tech are not only exported to Canada, Australia, Malaysia and other countries, at the Winter Olympics in Beijing recently, products researched and developed by our company can also be seen. As a leading enterprise in the industry of The Great Health Industry Innovation Service Complex in Shangcheng, in July 2021, Assure Tech was identified as a state-level technologically advanced Key "Little Giant" enterprise, and successfully landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in November 2021.

These outstanding achievements are inseparable from the support of local government departments. Jiang Xueying expressed her gratitude to the Shangcheng District Party Committee and District Government for their concern and support. The multi-factor guarantee has promoted the high-quality development of the enterprise. As an enterprise in Shangcheng District, Assure Tech will continue to practice its corporate mission, fight steadily, forge ahead, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, and contribute to the comprehensive construction of a model urban area of common prosperity.

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